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The customer service is excellent. Sometimes software can be good, but if customer service isn`t as good or better, it can be harder to work with. I always had great customer support when I called Zola, and I called a lot early in the software implementation. I don`t call as often now, but I know that when I call, I get the same customer support as when I called more often. The customer support team is very good! I recently started my own solo company and Zola was great. I love the functionality, ease of use, and integration of the messaging. I have never used a practice management software that I liked and so far I am very pleasantly surprised. I reviewed a few exercise management software platforms and thought none could be as bad as the last one I used. Zola caught my eye because it was advertised with built-in time tracking, invoicing and accounting, as well as automated features for ease of use. Or something like that. Promises tend to disappear from your mind when you terribly realize that you are chained to the ground again.

Whether your law firm is small or large doesn`t matter, because there will really be times when everything is difficult to manage. There are simply too many things to do, apart from victories. This is where cloud-based practice management software solutions such as the Zola suite come in. This means basic book-style accounting, which is more limited than full bookkeeping. You should be able to track your operating accounts and reconcile your balances, but you may still need comprehensive accounting software. If you think Zola is the right solution for your law firm – that it`s what you need to finally be in the spotlight – then you should at least consider this software solution. Uploading your firm`s document templates into your lawyer management software can save you time and ensure consistency. This control means a basic compilation of documents suitable for form letters, invoices, etc. For advanced document assembly, you will probably need additional software. From a software point of view, Zola Suite is very good. Lawyer, consultant and eminent legal technologist.

Lawyer and consultant Bob Ambrogi gets Zola`s first official glimpse at TECHSHOW and shares his thoughts on the software in a blog post. There is so much to tell about this legal management software. If we have to choose, I would say it offers excellent customer service and its basic accounting features. Comprehensive and easy-to-use case management software. Zola Suite practice management software is the most convenient way to ensure the efficiency and productivity of your law firm. Everything you need to keep things in their right place and take your business to the top of the ladder of success is there, all on a simple and easy-to-use platform. ZolaSuite has all the features I`ve been looking for in client management software – and more, I didn`t know I wanted to! I love the fact that it syncs with my Outlook and stores emails to customers in their folders. I love the fact that it offers email encryption without the need for another program. I love that it follows my reference sources. It`s even better than I would have designed to meet my needs.

I love him. The most pressing difficulty with Zola was the lack of reliable accounting (which is one of the main reasons I chose Zola over a system that had no accounting reports). As a small business (partner, employee, and paralegal), accounting reports don`t need to be particularly robust, but they do need to be accurate. I couldn`t rely on Zola to do this and I often found errors in simple accounting reports. I also couldn`t sync it neatly with LawPay (credit card processor) and it often didn`t record the payment. Customers complained. Staff complained. I complained so much that my wife was tired of hearing about Zola`s mistakes and told me to get a new platform.

In addition, Zola helps law firms organize emails easily with the built-in messaging functionality. It is the only cloud-based practice management software solution that has one. This built-in email service is essential to facilitate the proper organization of email, so that it can be guaranteed that nothing is sent to the wrong person, company or entity. Zola makes communication an easy process for law firms. After searching for practice management software far away, Zola was the answer we were looking for with its seamless integration with Gmail and Google Calendar. Task management and appointment tracking with email and SMS notifications are very intuitive and save on a daily basis. Does it include a full email client? (Alternatives that are not email clients, such as plug-ins for Outlook or Gmail, will not receive a check for this feature. See software integrations below.)) Some software includes comprehensive double-entry accounting capabilities, eliminating the need for additional accounting software.

Case management is, of course, the defining feature of legal practice management software. However, some software targets specific practice areas and may implement case management in different ways to manage information specific to those practice areas. I was hoping that Zola would provide me (first solo) and later my small business, paralegal, and employee with more features, document storage, and basic accounting when I signed up in late 2016. Since then, I have been very disappointed on all these fronts. While the customer service staff is pleasant and very responsive, the programmers seem to lack the ability to set up this system properly. Problems seem to arise again and again, with no solution in sight. Similarly, the software comes with native iOS and Android apps such as calendar events, task management, timing, document scanning, fingerprint recognition, and as mentioned earlier, business card scanning. Payment processing is increasingly offered as an inclusive or complementary feature, especially with cloud-based lawyer management software.

Our firm compared many legal management software before we chose Zola Suite. In fact, Zola Suite and Clio were our two main contenders. For a solo practitioner starting out, I have to say that Zola Suite is the best choice for us. Our firm needed a program that would allow us to not only bill more efficiently, but also bill more efficiently, but also basic accounting features that would help us realign with our escrow accounts while making tax reporting much easier. As a small start-up, we don`t have a lot of manpower; Therefore, good software must support the roles of our accounting department, accounting and administrative departments, etc. We think Zola Suite is a great addition to our business! The readily available and excellent technical support team, as well as the features of the software, i.e. easy time tracking, invoicing, etc., allow our practice to work much more efficiently and smoothly. This has saved our firm a lot of time in time tracking, billing and administration of the practice of law. With next-generation integrated 360° software, your law firm will be more efficient and therefore more profitable. No solo business or small business should ever use this software. If you`re a big company and you hate your employees, go to town. Zola Suite is a fantastic program! After almost 20 years with the same practice management and billing software, we switched to Zola Suite and couldn`t be happier.

This saves us time that we didn`t know we were wasting before.