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They may be subject to aggressive investigation by law enforcement. They will upset your whole life and look for evidence to condemn you. You will act with impunity until you are convicted or your legal representative arrests you. Over the years, Bilecki Law Group has been tasked with preserving the reputation, freedoms, and even lives of U.S. soldiers accused of crimes committed in mainland Japan. The men and women who serve our country do not deserve to be tried and sentenced alone and without proper legal representation. Our law firm is dedicated to the interests of these members of the service. The law firm provides confidential personal civil legal advice free of charge to eligible clients, including serving and retired military personnel and their dependents. Examples of personal civil matters include wills, powers of attorney, adoption, long-term care, financial responsibility, family relationships, Civil Military Assistance Act (CARS) matters, veterans` reintegration rights, landlord-tenant matters, and accident matters. The highest priority is given to Air Force members who require mission-related mobilization or legal assistance. If your question concerns criminal or administrative acts, see the “Military Justice” section. The Air Force Legal Assistance website If you need immediate information, the Air Force Legal Assistance website provides general legal information on many common legal issues, including: financial and consumer affairs, operational readiness, family law, immigration, military benefits, the Act respecting civil relief to military personnel, etc. Legal aid lawyers can write wills and medical precautionary instructions, including living wills and medical powers of attorney.

Please visit the Air Force Legal Assistance website prior to your appointment to complete a will form. Legal assistance and will hours (by appointment only) Appointments for legal advisors and wills are by appointment only, Monday to Thursday. Executions take place every Friday morning. If you are in the supply and no appointment is available prior to your departure, please inform the receptionist that you will be provided. We will try everything to see you before the deployment. Powers of Attorney and Notarial Services The law firm can prepare general and special powers of attorney and provide notarial services by appointment Tax clinic The law firm operates a free tax clinic. The clinic helps airmen prepare and file their federal and state tax returns. The tax clinic is run by volunteers trained by IRS staff.

The clinic is open every year from January to mid-June. This year, the clinic is open to all ranks as well as DoD staff. Support is available, by appointment only, Monday to Thursday. To make an appointment, please call 315-225-4927/4926 or 315-225-8069. The legal department will begin recruiting volunteers for the tax counter at the end of November. Please contact the law firm if you would like to volunteer to help our pilots. If you recently married a foreign spouse and would like to obtain a visa for him/her, please visit the USCIS website, www.uscis.gov/, and search for the I-130 petition. This is the petition you need to file to have a spouse permanently in the United States. If you have any further questions about the process, please make an appointment for legal advice.

The base houses about 15,000 U.S. military personnel as well as the broadcast center of the U.S. forces network. Most of the U.S. soldiers stationed out of Yokota Air Base will spend their time here and return home to family and friends. Others will not be so lucky. The base is currently home to more than 15,000 U.S. troops, many of whom are members of the 374th Operations Group and its support units. The 374th was recently commended for its support in Operation Tomodachi, which went into effect after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that destroyed the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Adoption Car Accidents in Japan Citizens/Naturalization of Children Claims Credit Report Debt Collection Divorce and Pension Payment Divorce in Japan Introduction of Paternity Health Policy Home Company Identity Theft Immigration International Guard Japanese Family Court Divorce Legal Residence Power of Attorney Separation Agreement Service Members Civil Rights Protection Act Service Members Life Insurance Group Security Social Typhoon Claims Wills ALS Phone: 225-8331 DSN CAA Phone: 225-7829 DSN FTAC: 225-9525 DSN The questions you`re desperately looking for answers to can plague you for months. What happens to my family after my salary, pension and benefits disappear? How will they come home if I am dishonorably released? What happens if I am convicted? For soldiers accused of a crime here, the situation can get worse almost overnight. You may be in allied territory, but you are thousands of miles from home, far from family and friends, and with few allies standing between you and government prosecutors. FAM DAY PACAF Family Down Day / EXR Exercise / HOL Holiday Home » Locations » Japanese Military Lawyer » Yokota Air Base Common offences that can lead to Article 15 or court martial are listed below. Yokota Air Force Base is a United States Air Force base located in the western suburbs of Tokyo on the Japan.It mainland occupied by the USAF`s 374th Airlift Wing and its associated units. Yokota Air Base, like many U.S. military installations across Japan and the Pacific, has been the target of numerous regional stabbing operations by CID and NCIS military law enforcement. These knife surgeries often look for suspected sex offenders, drug dealers and those attempting to commit financial fraud. Many of these men and women are innocent of any wrongdoing. But that hasn`t stopped the government from ending these aggressive enforcement tactics. Check out our restaurant guide for specific food information. Yokota Air Base was built in 1940 by the Imperial Japanese Army and served as an air test site for the Japanese during World War II.

After his surrender, the base was taken over by the United States Air Force. Today, the base is home to the 374th Airlift Wing and serves as a broadcast center for the American Forces Network. Bilecki Law Group serves all U.S. Air Force personnel at Yokota Air Force Base. Call us TODAY for a confidential consultation on your case. You served your country honorably at Yokota Air Base. Let us serve you now. Call our HEUTE law firm to arrange a confidential consultation in your case.

Bilecki Law Group offers these men and women many benefits that few civil defense attorneys can match. This includes, but is not limited to: Recent stabbing surgeries have significantly increased the number of military personnel charged with drug-related offenses, sexual offenses, and financial fraud. Allegations of sexual assault are also quite common. From time to time, other crimes also occur, including violent crimes such as assault, assault and burglary. Even charges of manslaughter and murder are not uncommon in Japan. Take Out Phone: JP: 03-6868-2388 USA: 1-210-547-9946 Yes. Our full-time investigator knows Japan well and can travel to check the crime scene, review government evidence, and talk to witnesses. We have the resources to evacuate anyone who may be beneficial to get a positive result in your case. Yokota Air Base, originally Tama Airfield, was an Imperial Japanese Army airfield built in 1940 and used as a flight test facility until the end of World War II. It was taken without resistance by American forces in September 1945. Location: Bldg.

15 (in Kanto Lodge); Building 2066 (in the Enlisted Club) The airfield was later expanded by the Americans and played an integral reconnaissance and support role in the Korean War as well as the Cold War and the Vietnam War. Air Force Legal Assistance website Retention of a foreign lawyer.