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To view the fees for the applicable forms, click here picture_as_pdf A corporation whose issued shares or debentures are or were part of a public distribution within the meaning of section 6, but not a corporation whose former law was not a public corporation under the preceding Act at the time of the effective date. If a person, an Act of Parliament or a single entity provides the identifier of the corporation or enterprise with which it is affiliated and this information is verified by the Commercial Register, an association is formed. A corporation is an association formed by one or more persons for the purpose of carrying on business or other useful activities on its behalf. Most companies incorporated in Trinidad and Tobago are incorporated under the Companies Act (1995), Chapter 81:01. A company incorporated or incorporated under the previous Act or a law superseded by the Companies Act Ch 88:01. The annual report is a document that registered companies are required by law to send to the commercial register. It contains information about the type of company, registered office, directors, secretaries, shareholders, type of shares and certain responsibilities of the company. The information on the declaration must indicate the current status of the company on the anniversary date of incorporation or continuance or merger or registration, as in the case of an external company. Any amendments prior to the anniversary date of filing must be filed prior to the annual return on the form required under the Companies Act (“the Act”).

Note: This document should not be confused with income tax, which is normally filed with the Board of Inland Revenue Department. If a person or corporation fails to provide the “Notice of Change of Director” form within the specified time, the Registrar of Corporations is entitled to impose a penalty of three hundred (TT$300) on that person or entity for each month or part of a month commenced in which the notice is pending (section 516 of the Act, as amended by Finance Act No. 2 of 2013). An external company is a registered company (or company) incorporated under the laws of a country other than Trinidad and Tobago. The register contains the following information about a not-for-profit organization: This information is necessary to identify the person`s birth certificate in the birth register. A director of the company, who usually keeps the records required by law and ensures that legal forms are submitted Finally, the owner and publisher of a newspaper are required to submit a declaration (an annual return) “in January of each year” containing the following information: The secretary of a private company does not need formal qualifications. A company has a separate legal identity from its alumni and members and is often referred to as a legal entity as opposed to a natural person (a human being). This “legal personality” has proven to be an advantageous method of conducting business and other useful activities throughout the world over the past few centuries. By adding the person`s last name/business name and account PIN to the electronic form.

An annual statement is a document that companies registered or incorporated under the Corporations Act (hereinafter referred to as “the Act”) must file with the Registrar of Companies once a year. It contains information about directors, secretaries, registered address, shareholders, members, certain debts of the company and other critical data relating to the company. Any information contained in the SCR that turns out to be that of a specific person, corporation or not-for-profit organization is linked to a unique identifier that, when used in a transaction in the RAS, identifies that person, corporation or not-for-profit organization as a party to the transaction. On the one hand, a company has a legal personality separate from persons and may, subject to the law, carry out all the activities that a natural (human) person may carry out from the age of 18. When a court judgment is rendered against a corporation, the personal property of its members generally cannot be seized and sold for the collection of the judicial debt. For example, “December 30” is the anniversary of incorporation of a corporation incorporated on December 30, 2016, and that corporation must file an annual statement in accordance with the above period for each subsequent year for as long as it exists. Only in the event of a subsequent change of one of the particulars provided when registering the company name, e.g. a change of name, address or business activity (Article 8 of the Act).

There is no requirement to otherwise submit documents after registration. However, a notice of change of information must be submitted to the Registrar on the prescribed form within fourteen (14) days of the change (section 8). A company that owns, prints or publishes a newspaper must prepare its affidavit and filing (if applicable) in accordance with the provisions of section 11 of the Act. To renew a not-for-profit registration, complete the renewal form no later than one (1) month after the expiry date and pay the flat fee. It is an association founded to conduct business on behalf of the for-profit or for-profit association. The corresponding payment can be made either in cash to the Chancellor General`s Department or via a subscription account if the applicant has one. A subscription account can also be created through this process. If a subscription account is used, the deduction will be made automatically as soon as the information relevant to the deduction has been entered in the appropriate field of the electronic application form. These persons are obliged to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Companies Act governing the formation of companies. In addition, after constitution, certain documents, such as annual declarations, must be submitted within the time limits prescribed by law. Changes in the details of the corporation (e.g. changes of directors, secretary, etc.) must also be communicated in accordance with the deadlines prescribed by law.

It is an association founded to do business on behalf of the association in order to achieve a useful purpose without profit to its members; All funds, income that remain after expenses, must be used to promote the objectives of the association. In addition, a non-profit-making company is a company without share capital (Article 4 of the Law on public limited companies, `the Law`). The notice of the secretary or the notice of change of secretary must be signed by a director or authorized employee. Note: If a Secretary or Assistant Secretary resigns, the retiring Secretary or Assistant Secretary cannot sign the “Notice of Change of Secretary” form. However, if the outgoing assistant secretary/secretary is also an authorized representative of the corporation, he or she may sign the notice as such. Note: If a director resigns, the outgoing director cannot sign the “Notice of Change of Director” form. However, if the outgoing director is also an authorized signatory of the same corporation, he or she may sign the form in that capacity. The NPO inspector must notify the Registrar General of the change in information within thirty days of the change in the prescribed form.

Nein.Es is not a statutory certificate. However, upon written request, the Registrar shall issue a letter confirming registration. Please note that the Registrar will ask for your registration in case of irregularities in the registration documents and no letter confirming registration will be issued until the questions have been clarified. A merger is a process in which two or more companies, including holding companies and subsidiaries, can merge and continue as a single corporation.