What Is the Definition of the Word Waive

The defendant waived his right to a jury trial. Most of the defendants had been persuaded to waive their right to counsel. Another said, “The waiver is valid for twenty years and if you sign one, you must either pay or die.” This vote will certainly be along party lines, which means that the committee will decide that she has renounced it, but then what? Hastert did not say Boehner should abandon the Hastert rule. But now Yanukovych has signaled that he refuses to give up all power. To give up something is to give up the right to do something. If you give up your right to name your family`s new puppy, you can`t complain if he ends up being called “Mr. Tinkerbell Sweetheart Lovey-Face.” So we still have to give up the greeting in this case. Francis chose to renounce the second miracle required for John XXIII, which is generally required for non-martyrs to become saints. Anglo-French waiver weiver, literally abandon, abandoned, from desperate, misguided waif weif, probably from Old Norse veif a little loose or floating Waive comes from a Middle English word meaning to give up; The word waif, which refers to a neglected or orphaned child, has the same root. While it is not acceptable to abandon a child on a street corner, in most cases it is perfectly acceptable to give up the right to do anything. A document setting out the decision to waive one`s rights is rightly called a waiver.

He had a right of doubt there, which he was prepared to waive. Give up, give in, take a step back, give up, give up, give up completely. Renunciation usually does not involve a strong feeling, but may indicate regret, reluctance or weakness. Renunciation of their performance from the crown involves concessions or submission or submission to violence. The troops relented, reluctantly resigning by voluntary renunciation or sacrifice without a fight. Surrender involves abandonment after a struggle for preservation or resistance. The waiver emphasizes the finality and completeness of the surrender. To renounce all hope means to admit it or renounce it with little or no compulsion.

waives the right to a jury trial If you wish to sign it, you can; If you don`t want to sign, you can do that too. The uptake of urea by kidney cells is a vital phenomenon that we must do without for the time being. Museum entrance fees have been cancelled (= not charged). Middle English to reject, reject, abandon, from Anglo-French waiver, gaiver, lost from waif, errant – plus at waif.