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Trellis Legal`s mission is to provide innovative, responsive and cost-effective legal services to nonprofits, businesses, and citizens of Pennsylvania to make legal representation more accessible and help our clients succeed. We are motivated by accessibility and advocacy. Getting legal help can and should be easy and interactive! That`s why we offer a variety of transactional services, transparent and predictable pricing, blog posts, a newsletter (sign up in the footer) and free resources. Explore our website to read our blog posts and learn more. Introduce a revolutionary new way to control the legal health of your business. As a small, independent law firm, we know the financial challenges of a new business, but we strongly believe that the first steps can help you avoid costly mistakes later on. That`s why we developed the Trellis Template Library™, a collection of legal tools to help you start and grow your business, and so we can pick you up where you are. We hope that we will be able to establish a lasting legal relationship with these proposals. Trellis provides a single interface for accessing court and state affairs records. The AI-powered legal research platform allows litigators to compare notes of similar cases and search for data from previous court decisions. Through the database, litigators can access court records and documents from different jurisdictions. Transit slips provide insight into opposing lawyers, from how they handled cases to cases won. Made to Last: Legal Protection and Tools Manufacturers Should Consider When I decided to start my own digital marketing business, Marlene and Trellis Legal were there to help me get started.

I relied on Marlene to help me deal with my LLC training as well as creating various contracts I needed to work with peace of mind. Do you want to see if we agree? Learn more about us or run it with our price calculator. Trellis Legal is a small law firm run by women with a lot of personality. We are an active member of the communities we serve, which is why we are committed to their success. The main sectors we serve are agriculture, independent businesses, the food and beverage industry, and communities of artists and creators, but we work with all types of small business owners and not-for-profit organizations, so don`t hesitate to reach us! Marlene helped me regain a sense of security, confidence and stability in this ever-changing and uncertain climate. Building a relationship with Trellis and having Marlene by my side as a lawyer is both an anchor and a sigh of relief, for me personally and for the farm. There is nothing scary about working with a good lawyer supports the following languages:English 5 clauses that you will be grateful to have in your contract Marlene because my lawyer makes me feel like I have a great advantage over everyone else. Her attention to detail, forward-thinking and energetic attitude make her a tireless advocate for each of her clients.

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