Tekken 7 Rules

The event must be an opportunity for conviviality, new encounters and healthy competition, in full compliance with the Code of Ethics of Sport, so that anti-Portuguese, racist, rude, offensive, vulgar, abusive practices that could give an advantage during the competition are not tolerated, and any other attitude that does not correspond to the sporting spirit of the event. Each tournament managed by StreamFighters ASD refers to the GEC Industry Code of Ethics, which must exercise the utmost care among streamfighters.it/Regulation/Every players when using the material provided by the organization, it is strictly forbidden to damage or dirty PC, console, monitor, peripherals. Those who do not respect the rules and the code of conduct will be punished. The type of sanction is at the discretion of the organization, which assesses the severity and recurrence of the violation, and can be: Double knockout tournament (to leave the tournament you must miss two matches)All group stages are organized and managed according to the number of participantsMatch: BO5/FT3 round (the winner wins 3 rounds)Group phase – Match: BO3/FT2 Match (winner wins 2 matches)Fase bracket – Match: BO5/FT3 Match (winner wins 3 matches) ● CHARACTER LOCK: Whoever loses the match has the right to change characters. ● Accidentally stopping the game at any point in the game gives the opponent a chance to claim victory of the round ● Any player who uses the random character option to select the character will have to use it again in case of victory ● Turbo, programmed pads or any type of macro not provided by the game, Players: Tournament participants, StreamFighters ASD or GECBOX partners: X (number of games), Best of X (Best of X) wins, who wins the most in X matchesFTX: X (number of games), First To wins the first to win X. BO3=FT2: The player who scores two points first winsGames are divided into match (matches), match are divided into rounds ● Any other decision outside the rules is at the discretion of the organization ● CHARACTER LOCK: The use of characters is prohibited for the first 15 days from the release date ● Players must be present for the duration of the event, In case of deletion, you must notify the organization to avoid repeated calls that could cause delays or delays. After three calls, the organization can proceed by attributing the defeat to the absent player. ● In the event of a game or console crash, after checking the true strangeness of the player, the organization repeats the compromised turn and keeps each turn played valid. The status of the compromise round is reset (lifetime bar, counter, etc.). ● Removal from the game area with possible exclusion from the club ● All macros available in the controller configuration menu in the game are allowed ● SCENE LOCK: The initial phase is decided randomly; Whoever loses the game can decide to change the stage, but the choice must again be made at random ● GAME PAGE: If players disagree, the choice will be made by the Chinese head or cross or morra. The selected page remains valid for the entire meeting.