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“Great expertise, with the ability to anticipate and anticipate possible legal/regulatory changes and design and implement robust protection strategies – measured and rational in recommendations.” The “legal knowledge of PAGBAM Schwencke Chile`s tax specialists is excellent”. The team consists of lawyers, auditors and auditors and includes tax advice to domestic and international companies on project finance, investments, mergers and acquisitions and litigation. He also contributes to tax planning, compliance and restructuring. Bárbara Neyra, Head of Department (and Tax Director of the former law firm Aninat Schwencke), “offers solid solutions” and regularly advises on the tax aspects of business transactions, inbound and outbound investments, reorganizations and asset management, as well as ongoing tax advice for companies in the financial, retail sectors, viticulture and IT. Yes, proof of economic solvency, affidavit of expenses, and a valid translated and apostilled/legalized birth, marriage or common-law union certificate are required for the following dependents: The specialized tax practice of the full-service law firm Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría focuses on national and international tax planning and structuring, as well as on complex societies and private property is important. She is also called upon for tax disputes and administrative proceedings before the Chilean tax authorities; In addition, an important part of the Group`s work includes tax advice, legal advice and the tax aspects of mergers and acquisitions. The practice is co-led by Mario Silva, an expert in corporate and personal taxation, tax planning and corporate restructuring. and Guillermo Infante, a specialist in M&A transactions with expertise in the financial, energy and commodities sectors. Arturo Selman, senior partner and head of tax litigation, “helps resolve issues quickly,” but in February 2022, Magdalena Munita Irarrázaval left the firm. An agreement between the parties shall determine the object, form and conditions of the association and the respective interests of the parties. The agreement is essentially private and does not create a separate legal entity. Joint venture partners often operate in Chile through a jointly established Chilean company, partnership or subsidiary.

3) Processing times vary by consulate. In normal situations, it can take about 1 to 3 months for the Chilean immigration authorities to make a decision. “A company committed to its clients, with consultants who provide clear, accurate and timely reports. Tax professionals` legal knowledge is excellent and clients have a clear overview of any issues that may arise. The team of 20 people of Torretti & Cía, founded in 2018. Advises constantly on the tax aspects of corporate and foreign investment law as well as on private client and asset management issues. The “well-prepared” team is jointly led by Eduardo Torretti, founding member of FESIT (an NGO founded by tax advisors to analyze Chile`s future legislative changes). and Sebastián Martínez-Conde, since 2018 at the partner level and maintains a broad tax practice. The firm also has a number of notable tax advisors, including Francisco Alcaíno and Isidora Henríquez, María Elena Würth, Sebastián Aguilar and Vicente Torretti. Significant gains include the hiring of Carlos Bravo, who joined Porzio Ríos García in March 2022 as a partner, where he was tax director; and hiring directors Javiera Pérez (tax and family planning) and Eric Donoso (tax controversies) of EY Chile and Chilean IRS, respectively, in 2021. A foreign company can establish a representative office (also known as an agency) in Chile, which is a legal structure to directly fulfill its purpose in Chile. An agency is not a separate legal entity from the foreign company.

In this sense, the foreign company is liable to the agency`s creditors. When setting up an agency, the foreign company must have sufficient assets in Chile to fulfill the obligations of its agency in Chile. In addition, the assets of the Agency should be subject to Chilean law, in particular as regards its obligations in Chile. “Bárbara Neyra is a precise professional who offers solid solutions and is agile in the implementation of tax strategies.” In Chile, a natural person may acquire the status of a legal person as a limited liability company. It is a legal entity of a commercial nature with assets different from those of its owner and does not require the intervention of a third party.