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The National Green Corps is a program of the Ministry of Environment and Forests of the Government of India that covers approximately 1,20,000 schools in India with NGC school eco-clubs. Environmental activities in schools in India are encouraged by the National Green Corps. Each NGC Eco-Club has 30 to 50 NGC students or NGC cadets who make up the National Green Corps. These NGC students are involved in activities related to biodiversity conservation, water conservation, energy conservation, waste management, land use planning and resource management. NGC Ecoclubs focus on topics specific to the region. To raise awareness and gain public support, NGC girls and boys undertake environmental awareness activities and awareness activities for an environmental cause or intervention. Water extraction, planting and composting biodegradable waste are popular activities at NGC School ecoclubs. These NGC school eco-clubs promote environmental discipline and responsibility through selected schools in India and use environmental awareness as a medium. Each of India`s 250 districts has about 250 NGC ecoclubs. These NGC eco-clubs receive an annual subsidy of Rs2500. Each Indian state has a state nodal agent that implements this program. It is the largest program of its kind in the world.

As these NGC-trained students grow up and address the environmental challenges of this second most populous country, it is expected that there will be a big difference in how resources are consumed and conserved. Andhra Pradesh is trying to cultivate NGC cadets as an environmentally disciplined force. He introduced the uniform and band as well as a structured training program for five cadet teams exclusively in all NGC School eco-clubs. These NGC cadets are the school`s Green Brigade, which protects natural resources from misuse and promotes the conservation of natural resources. These NGC cadets feature prominently on national holidays when they participate in NGC full uniform ceremonial parades with other uniformed forces across the country. Forest management is based on the demarcation of states into forest divisions, which consist of forest distribution areas. The forest beats below the ranks are the smallest unit in the administrative hierarchy. The natural features on the ground form the boundaries of each beat, which has an average area of about 16 square kilometers. [6] The Ministry is responsible for planning, promoting, coordinating and monitoring the implementation of environmental and forestry programmes in the country.

The main activities of the Ministry include the conservation and study of the flora of India and fauna of India, forests and other wilderness areas; pollution prevention and control; The environment of the Indian Himalayas and its sustainable development; Reforestation and reduction of land degradation. He was responsible for the management of India`s national parks from 1947. Founded in 1966, Marudhar Arts is one of India`s leading numismatic dealers and auctioneers. Read more> In August 2019, the Ministry of Environment released the draft National Resource Efficiency Policy. It is a set of guidelines that envision a future of environmentally sustainable and equitable economic growth. This policy is based on the principle of reducing the consumption of primary resources; Value creation with fewer materials through a resource-efficient circular approach; waste reduction; physical security and the creation of employment opportunities and business models beneficial for the protection and restoration of the environment. It is based on the NITI Aayog and European Union report The Resource Efficiency Strategy. The policy aims to establish a national authority for resource efficiency, with a central working group located within the ministry. In addition, tax breaks for recycled materials and subsidized loans for the establishment of waste and materials recovery facilities will be provided. [9] [10] The Ministry of Environment and Forests of the Government of India has launched the National Green Corps (NGC) program in all districts of India.

The National Green Corps is an initiative that aims to raise environmental awareness among schoolchildren and involve them in environment-related activities. The program aims to set up eco-clubs in about 50,000 schools across the country. Schoolchildren who voluntarily join these clubs would not only receive theoretical information about the environment, but would also be involved in environmental activities that would bring them closer to nature. This programme will involve 100 schools in every district of the country. Each state/UT is provided by a resource agency for better implementation of the program. The primary role of the Resource Agency is that of a consultant and facilitator. BVIEER has been appointed as the resource agency for the state of Maharashtra. The NGC program is implemented in 3600 schools in the state. Environmental debates were first included on the national political agenda during Indira Gandhi`s first term as Prime Minister of India. The 4th Five-Year Plan (1969-74), for example, proclaimed “harmonious development . on the basis of a comprehensive assessment of environmental issues”. In 1977 (during the state of emergency), Gandhi added Article 48A to the constitution, which states: “The State shall endeavour to protect and enhance the environment and to protect the forests and wildlife of the country.” The same decree transferred wildlife and forests from the state list to the constitution`s competing list, giving the central government the power to override state decisions on the matter.

These political and constitutional changes paved the way for the creation of a federal Department of the Environment in 1980, which was transformed into the Department of Environment and Forestry in 1985. [4] While addressing climate change was already the responsibility of the ministry, its priority was increased when the ministry was renamed the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Climate Change in May 2014. [5] The Institute has been appointed since 2003 as the Maharashtra State Resource Agency for the National Green Corps programme of the Ministry of Environment and Forests. Enter the NGC certification number of a coin (circled in the image) and the ticket to confirm its description and classification in the NGC database and, if applicable, to view NGC images of the coin.