New Brunswick Legal Name Change

Currently, New Brunswick residents can change their name on official government identification without the need for supporting documentation from a doctor. The birth certificate must be the first piece of identification to be changed and is then used as proof to change other forms of identification. This document provides the justification for fee changes, related income information, and legal authority: VitalStatisticsRegistryFeb152016.pdf Generally, a person has two names; The first is your first name, the last name is your last name. To legally change any of the names on your birth certificate, contact the Direction de l`état civil. If you just want to use your new last name (your husband`s last name or your wife`s last name), bring your official marriage certificate and government-issued photo ID to a Service New Brunswick service centre. As part of the application, you must provide a long birth certificate and/or Canadian immigration documents. You will also need to provide background information, such as: Your marital status Your current and previous addresses Your occupation The reason you want to change your name Criminal record check You have already requested that your name be changed Many patients will want to legally change their name and/or gender as part of their transition. To change your registered name, you must have resided in New Brunswick for at least three months, be at least 16 years of age or be married. A parent with legal custody of a minor child may also have the child`s registered name changed.

* Waiver of fees for survivors of the boarding school Survivors of the boarding school and their families who wish to recover a name that has been changed by the boarding school system may request only the fee for the recovery of that name (legal name change, including name change) and changes made to records with the name change (for example, new birth certificate and, if applicable, marriage certificate). The subject must return their old certificates as they will be replaced. Contact the Vital Statistics Department for more information on the exemption: (506) 453-2385 Select option #4. Unless otherwise stated, fees exclude Harmonized Value Added Tax (HST). Tips for LGBTQ citizens traveling abroad can be found here.