Necropolis Regent Rules

If you have two necropolis regents, do you get double the counter? [[Necropolis Regent]] [[Kaervek, the ruthless]] [[Kederekt Parasite]] Kaervek, the ruthless – Collector, MC, ($)Kederekt Parasite – Collector, MC, ($)Regent Necropolis – Collector, MC, ($)[[Card Name]] Call – not on collector = not ^^^recoverable I just wanted to check how it works? So if I have 2x 2/2 bears and both deal damage, does each bear get +2/+2 or does it win Necroplos +2/+2? TL;DR A Necropolis Regent + 2 seasons of doubling are 4 counters, while you need 4 Necropolis Regents on the board to achieve the same effect. Hah oh wow, I feel stupid, kind of just flying over the map. Thanks for the clarification! So I have a hard time cutting some cards in my Kaervek EDH deck, and Necropolis Regent is one that needs to be taken into account. I just want to make sure their ability does what I think. Let`s say I have both Kaervek and Necropolis Regent and one of my opponents plays a spell for say 4cmc. I dealt 4 damage to Kaervek`s face and does he get 4 +1/+1 counters? Does the same thing apply to a Kederect parasite when an opponent draws a card? No. Necropolis Regent says “fight the damage”. This is not combat damage. Your message is somewhat misleading. The doubling season is a substitution effect. He says, oh, I see you put a meter on your card, but you forgot me; You should replace one meter with two counters instead! Doubling season is not a triggered event. Each bear receives counters equal to the damage it has caused.

If they each deal 2 damage, they get 2 counters each. “He” refers to the creature that causes the damage.