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Today we started in the new management of Blau Pharmaceuticals. Privilege ©to participate in this new phase with this bodybuilding team. #BlauFarmacêutica #Blauers #OrgulhoDePertencer #Blau3 METAVERSE: THE NEW OBSESSION OF BIG TECH is not an© exaggeration. Google, Microsoft and Facebook are just three of the big names keeping an eye on this environment that promises to unite the Internet, #realidadevirtual and #realidadeaumentada. Yes, everything in one place! 20 TIMES AND MORE! To understand how the subject makes the little eyes of #tecnologiadeponta giants shine, the word “metaverse” was uttered more than 20 times at a recent Facebook conference. BUT WHAT IS IT? “You can think of the metaverse as an integrated internet that you`re in, rather than just watching,” Zuckerberg said on the same conference call. HOW DOES IT WORK? The goal of Big Tech© is to create a #virtual space where the user can walk around (through their digital #avatar) and interact in real time. IMAGINE. In a corporate environment, join a virtual meeting with the world, then go for a walk with a friend in a cafeteria (also©virtually). Presented? Add the 3D effect to this #experiencia now! SURREAL, SAN QUE NON! While the hottest companies in the Silane Valley are committed to developing this “new reality”, there is already an indication that business© is© healthy.

A REALITY STILL CLOSE The reasoning is©: if we already have advanced mobile devices, internet infrastructure, 5G, gaming systems, augmented and virtual reality technology. Wouldn`t the Metaverse be a very logical next step? WHAT`S ALREADY HERE: SEE HORIZON WORKROOM The creator of Facebook has the 1. Attempt by #redesocial to create a virtual reality experience for human collaboration: Horizon Workroom. This environment aims to accurately mimic real conference rooms and represent employees as avatars. TOUCH THE SIMS, IT`S MORE ADVANCED! Warning, Millennials: We`re not talking about Second Life or The Sims (who remembers? rsrs). The same thing is© only developed a million times! And, of course, the main stage is the business world – even more so in a waste where so many professionals have joined remote work. SHARE YOUR IDEAS WITH ME All very innovative and challenging, indeed. However, I would like to know your opinion on two main issues: 1. Are we about to experience a technological video that takes away the attention and concentration of reality, © and/or would this environment be a new way of experiencing reality? 2.

Did you feel safe with your #privacidade to present your #dadospessoais new virtual environment? Share here in comments ð Ps: don`t have right or wrong answers! “Almost finished” is not© yet done. “99% done” ©is not© done either. I`ve seen a lot of business, a lot of sales, a lot of products and a lot of advertising and a lot of career just before the finish line “die” – for various reasons, but mostly – for lack of that last “hard work” that we often have to give when it seems like we don`t make it or, even worse, when we think the version is already guaranteed. Yes, “MADE BETTER THAN PERFECT”, but ALMOST FINISHED IS NOT DONE. Man, I cut an onion and looked at this clock. Given the lack of jobs and the difficulty of repositioning oneself in the labour market right now, I was wondering what the election year would look like. All my values put to the test, my first ones seem not to be good nowadays, I get confused. Who stays in the thick of it? You heard this famous question during the selection process: Why should I hire you? © Yes, this question is very© common during the interview, so I would like to share with you a structure that will allow you to strategically answer this question© and show the recruiter that you are© the ideal candidate to fill the vacancy.

4 points are important for you to structure the answer: Protagonism, that is, you have analyzed the work proposal and the company and determined that both make sense for your career and that the vacancy is compatible with your professional profile. ð¡ Understand the “problem” of the vacancy and the “suffering” of the company: It is© fundamental to understand the main demand that caused the need for recruitment. Sometimes the recruiter will tell you clearly. In other cases, he may say between the lines. The most important thing© is to grasp: What© is the pain of the company deciding to hire a new professional for a particular field? What problem to solve? And what are© the company`s expectations? ð¡ Soluço: If your attitude is part of the solution, it is time© to put it on the table because you will contribute. Explain what you have to offer (knowledge, skills and experience) that is crucial and relevant to the position. Be surgical in the answer: Provide examples of how your contribution will be. ð¡ Conclusion: The last moment© is important to strengthen interest, further adapt the response, say in which project or situation you want to collaborate, and also show your availability for learning and development in the company.

It`s important to adjust the answers, okay? It`s a job, but your new job is important! So, hand to work! Did you like this suggestion? What about testing in the next selection process? #Pratodosverem in alt text and comments. #Recolocacao #Emprego #Processoseletivo #AceleraCreatorLinkedIn super happy to have participated in one of the panels©of the Event Payment Revolution, StartSe.Trocar knows© the transformer! Thank you Julia Ribeiro for the invitation and support, Gustavo Brigatto and Gustavo Romito for sharing and enriching this space with me! You were awesome On top of everything, it was a great opportunity to find colleagues and©partners! They were great conversations! I`m already waiting for the next #startse #ifood #fintech #payments #conhecimento Imagine meeting the person who saved your life.