Are Bull Bar Rod Holders Legal

LEGAL: L Wilson and Co have recently solved fishermen`s problems with the removable turntable rod holder. Basically, the rod holder part of the assembly can be adjusted to any position, regardless of the angle at which the left side of your bull bar is located. The rod holder can be adjusted correctly so that the rods pass directly through the left side of the vehicle. This makes them legal because they do not obstruct the driver`s view on the road. Note that there are only four sleeves for the stems. Bullbar rod holders must be “designed” to carry no more than four rods, otherwise they are illegal even if you do not use all rod holders. Having only four rods in a six-pod pod holder is still illegal. It also doesn`t mean you can stack three sets of four pods on top of each other to carry twelve rods. A four-pod rod holder with a maximum of four stems is all that is allowed.

No, I don`t know 100% what the rules are, but I do know that when I was stopped at a roadblock by fishing and police outside Jurien, copper wisely advised me to remove my supports or impose a fine. I turned them over so that apart from the U-screws, nothing protruded from the rods. I have never had any other problem with the law. During the long journey, I have poles on the roof and the launcher is flat on top of the bull bar… It has foam inside so I can just push it forward and put on stems and relax… were crushed and in full view nothing was ever said……. they do not obstruct the headlights and do not move……. As for the extra damage when I meet someone….. I think with 3 tons (Landcruiser) at any speed it`s going to hurt, but that`s just me…

Depending on where you live in Australia, you`ll need to check the laws surrounding your vehicle`s fishing rod holders, as not all types, including adjustable ones, are legal in all states or territories. A quick Google search for “Bull Bar Protrusions Law [insert your state or territory] should show the rules and regulations for where you live. Over the next few weeks, we`ll show you some diY fishing rod holders that you can make at home so you don`t get into trouble with the law. Wait a moment. A Facebook post by South Australian police in early November about bull bar protrusions sparked outrage on Interweb, but did public opinion obstruct the facts? South Australian police on Wednesday reminded drivers on Facebook that some attachments coming out of their vehicles, especially from the front, could be considered illegal if they pose a threat to the safety of others. If someone was hurt because your bull bar holder was illegal, then you could get into all sorts of disputes. We all want to get to our fishing spots with minimal effort and have our rods in good condition when we get there, so take the time to solve your rod transport problems now so we`re ready to embark on the next trip after a minute. The NT is the softest, with supports allowed when using in front of the bull bar. NOT LEGAL: As a result, many have chosen to position their bulbar stem holders in the center of the bulbar so that their poles match the vehicle straight ahead.

Since this bar is often thicker (usually 75 mm) than the 50 mm bar often used on the side profile of the bull bar, many thought their only problem was to make the bull bar safe in this position. Usually, adapter plates with larger U-screws were used to bring a rod holder into this position. The problem was considered solved, as the fisherman could now carry his fishing rods to the construction site. Legally, however, this is not the case, as you are not allowed to carry your stems in a support placed in the middle of the bull bar. NOT LEGAL WITH LOTS OF BEEF BARS: Positioning your rods on the left side of your vehicle is the only legal position to wear them. However, since most bull bars are not square in relation to the length of the vehicle, this poses further problems as the poles now point above the center of the vehicle and almost above the driver`s view. In addition, the tips of the long rods can actually extend beyond the cab on the driver`s side (which is illegal) and also increase the likelihood that your rods will be damaged. This fixed type of rod support can only work if the left (passenger) side of the bull bar is square in relation to the length of the vehicle, so that the rods pass directly on the left side of the vehicle. The second point raised by Facebook commenters is the fact that a bull pole alone is dangerous, so how does a fishing rod owner increase the danger. Simple. It`s a hook. All new Bull Bars must comply with Australia`s strict new design rules and are designed to provide as much protection as possible to the vehicle and pedestrians.

It`s a fine line, and there are both arguments for and against buffalo bumper assembly, but for touring four wheels, they`re a must. for Toorak tractors maybe less. South Australia is not so liberal with its laws and issues a general statement that anything that is sharp or has a jagged edge that is likely to increase the risk of bodily harm to a pedestrian is illegal. So instead of being annoyed that SAPOL reminds Facebook users of the legislation that has been in place for years, perhaps Facebook should express its anger at the lack of a reasonable explanation for the legislation, according to NSW.