Are Air Chokes Legal in Mma

Any of these illegal strikes can result in a work stoppage, point deductions and possible loss of disqualification. One strangulation that some people believe is the infamous dragon sleeper. It`s basically a guillotine from behind, but it also puts immense pressure on the neck. In other words, even if you were to make a dragon sleeper which was the cleanest strangulation in the world, it would still lead to disqualification. This is in the name of security as it could break the neck. In most cases, the majority of blood thrushes and tracheal thrushes are legal in BJJ. That said, if you pull someone`s Gi collar on their neck, they can cut blood from their brain, which is perfectly legal. Similarly, if you bring someone into a guillotine and close their air via tracheal thrush, then it`s legal (although a good guillotine should be a blood shrike). Both types of throttling certainly work. But given the potential legal implications of an air thrush gone wrong, I would definitely opt for a bloodshed in a self-defense situation if I had a choice. The reason for banning this technique is that it could potentially crush the trachea. In general, tracheal thrushes are frowned upon for this reason. However, if it`s done by a typical thrush like a guillotine, it`s legal.

However, if you try to limit someone in most rule sets, you will be disqualified. With leverage, judo, jiu-jitsu and MMA fighters are able to apply chokes of more than 100 pounds of strength. Research has shown that the trachea collapses under 33 pounds of pressure. The kricoid cartilage breaks under 45 pounds of pressure. When it comes to practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, there are a large number of completely legal strangulations to choose from. This means that you should not rely on any of the illegal techniques listed above. Of course, if you`re still confused, it doesn`t hurt to ask your teacher either. There are several ways to apply blood strangulation, but the most common are rear bare strangulation, front bare strangulation, and triangle strangulation. Blood thrushes are relatively safe compared to other techniques such as knockouts and usually only cause temporary loss of consciousness. However, it is important to let go of the strangulation as soon as the opponent faints, as continuous compression can cause serious damage.

If you`re considering competing, it`s good to make sure you understand the basics to avoid disqualification. Today we`re going to focus entirely on thrushes to see what`s legal and what`s not. For the record, we`ll look at this through the IBJJF rules, as this is what most gyms and competitions use for their rulebook. Obviously, different competition parameters have different rules. There have been many successful applications of air chokes in MMA. The Bear Killer in particular was the deciding stage in some high-profile fights, including Roger Gracie`s victory over Kevin Randleman. We can see in the photo below that Gracie dominated the back position, but her arm narrows the airways and not the sides of the neck. But in a real struggle, when people`s pain tolerances skyrocket, air thrushes take longer than blood thrushes to knock someone out. After all, most people can hold their breath for at least 30 to 60 seconds before becoming unconscious.

It`s legal in WWE and it was legal in Pride as you can see in the video, but it`s not legal in the UFC. Blood strangulation is especially safe. If one is not applied to an unconscious person for three minutes or more, which does not happen by chance, they are usually harmless. However, the overzealous application of an air choke can certainly hurt a person; An extremely vicious operation could kill. Classic blood thrushes include properly applied rear bare strangulation (2nd image above), front naked strangulation (3rd image), most triangular chokes and many collar chokes. Not only will this help your strangulations, but it`s also guaranteed to make your armpit and leg locks MUCH more powerful. Headbutts were once legal in older organizations, but in almost all MMA organizations, headbutts are now illegal. If you`ve just started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the amount of rules and regulations can be a bit overwhelming. What may seem perfectly fine may actually be illegal, and what may seem rude may be completely legal. Here it is good to refresh the rules so as not to do anything unusual in your gym.

Aerial thrushes are also usually much more painful than the blood thrush strain, so they get a training partner to get out very quickly in a combat situation. A “blood choking” (called “strangulation” by some people) is the gold standard for thrushes. It`s not often to see two thrushes applied simultaneously in mixed martial arts (MMA), but it`s what happened during a fight in Kyrgyzstan when a referee was forced to strangle a fighter. Kicks, knees, trampling and any type of punch were legal for an opponent`s head on the ground. This means that positions like urban sprawl, north-south, and lateral control were much more dangerous in Pride than in the UFC. Air thrushes are considered less effective and more painful than blood thrushes, while blood thrushes are cleaner and more effective. However, air chokes can still be a viable method of choking, especially in competitions where referees can`t tell the difference between an air choke and a blood bat. Ultimately, blood strangulation is considered superior to airchoke due to its effectiveness and the absence of pain inflicted on the opponent. If you`d like to learn more about how to apply instant throttling, check out The Submission Formula Featuring Rob Biernacki at It is available in DVD and streaming format with instant access. Groin blows are one of the most important illegal blows you will see in the octagon. Let`s take a look at 10 of the most illegal movements or strikes in the UFC today.

When you think about it, BJJ probably has the most strangulations compared to any other martial art. The closest competitors are probably MMA, but that doesn`t use Gi. Then comes judo, where many nogi strangulations are prohibited. Probably the most common illegal movement seen in the octagon is when a fighter grabs the fence or puts their hand on the cage. Some people in the BJJ community don`t like aerial thrushes because they can do more harm than blood thrushes. People also think that they are less technical and more brutal than technology. This does not mean that aerial thrushes are illegal. There is no way for a referee to say what an air and blood choke is during a competition. Only the strangled person will be able to say so. It`s a bit of a formality when it comes to the rules. Basically, it`s legal to suffocate someone with your belt while it`s still wrapped around your body.

However, if you remove the belt, it becomes illegal. The same rules apply to the opponent`s belt. This is sometimes called a “hitman” strangulation because it is like a video game movement. The reason for the prohibition of this technique is probably that it violates tradition and not health and safety measures. Basically, most of what you see in BJJ in terms of thrushes is legal and you have a lot of choices. Because of the amount of legal thrushes in BJJ, it is probably easier to list the number of thrushes that are not legal. These rare exceptions are listed below. Suffocation occurs when you put your hand on the opponent`s mouth and nose and suffocate them. This is because stuffy thrushes are not legal in IBJJF. A classic example of suffocated strangulation is that of Vagner Rocha. Here, Rocha has won various games with this method, if allowed. Otherwise, it is not legal and can upset your training partners.

“Air strangulation” is more painful, dangerous and takes longer to make your opponent unconscious.