Aransas County Legal Aid

We`re here to see how we can help you navigate through legal issues. Las oficinas de TRLA estarán cerradas al público. Nuestras línea telefónica permanecerá abierta. Las entradas se realizarán por teléfono y no en persona. Si necesita asistencia legal llame al 956-996-TRLA (8572). This award was created by the DSHS in 2002 to help each county do its best with its important records, and to honor each year the best counties that consistently meet or exceed strict criteria in five areas: training, evaluation, customer service, security, and maintenance. The Aransas County Clerk`s Office has received the 5-star award six times. Where can I get copies of my divorce decree? If your case was filed in Aransas County, you can purchase a copy from our office for $1.00 per page and an additional $1.00 to certify the document. If you would like us to send you your documents, please submit your request in writing and attach a stamped envelope to your address. If your divorce was filed in another county, please contact that county.

Trla`s offices are closed for in-person visits by the public. Except on certain public holidays, our telephone line remains open on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Central Time). If you need legal help, call 956-996-TRLA (8752). TRLA provides legal services to people in 68 counties: Can I still enter into a payment agreement to pay my default taxes after a lawsuit has been filed against me? Contact the Aransas County Tax Collector at 361-790-0160 regarding the amount of taxes due or for information on how to pay taxes. Since a tax action was filed, legal costs are also due in addition to taxes. Please contact a lawyer for legal advice in connection with the ongoing lawsuit. How do I file for divorce and get the forms from your office? Please understand that the staff of the District Clerk`s office is not a lawyer and that it is prohibited by law to provide legal advice of any kind, including answering questions about what you need to submit or the accuracy of any documents submitted for submission. If you intend to represent yourself, you are responsible for knowing what documents you need to file in order for your case to progress through the court system. The information required to file for divorce can be found in your public library or on the Internet.

The District Clerk`s office is neutral towards all parties involved in a dispute and does not have the necessary papers or forms to file a divorce or other lawsuit or pleading. In any case, we recommend that you seek advice from a lawyer. “For each county, qualified electors shall elect a county clerk who shall hold office for four years and who shall be clerk of the county courts and commissioners and county recorder, whose functions, requirements and fees shall be prescribed by the legislature, and a vacancy whose office shall be held by the Court of Commissioners until the next general election; provided that in counties with fewer than 8,000 inhabitants, only one clerk may be elected to perform the functions of district and county clerks. As an elected judicial official and accountant, the District Clerk provides the highest level of public support and serves as an “ambassador” for the justice system. The Office of the Court Clerk is usually the first point of contact for the general public to obtain procedural information about the trial, copies of court records, jury service, passport information and related information from other government agencies. The county clerk is elected the same year that voters elect the state governor and county judge, and in Aransas County, the county court judge. This county clerk`s office has existed in Texas since 1836 and replaces the “escribano” (secretary) of Spanish-Mexican rule. Section 5, Section 20 of the Texas Constitution provides: Qualification Requirements for Public Office: Must be a citizen of the United States, have lived in the State of Texas for 12 months prior to the date of a primary, general or special election, have not been found mentally unfit by a final court decision, have not been pardoned or otherwise exempted from the resulting disabilities, and have been held for six months prior to this election in Aransas County. Jurors are randomly selected electronically from a list compiled by the Secretary of State`s office, using a voter registration list and a driver`s license registration list for that district. As a juror, you must be fair and impartial. Their actions and decisions are the foundation of our justice system.

Remember that it is an honour and a privilege to be subpoenaed or to serve as a juror. Address: 1206 E. Van Buren St. Brownsville, TX 78520 County Clerk Profile: The County Clerk`s Office consists of 7 people and is responsible for: Aransas, Atascosa, Bandera, Bastrop, Bee, Bexar, Blanco, Brewster, Brooks, Burnet, Caldwell, Calhoun, Cameron, Comal, Crockett, Culberson, DeWitt, Dimmit, Duval, Edwards, El Paso, Frio, Gillespie, Goliad, Gonzales, Guadalupe, Hays, Hidalgo, Hudspeth, Jackson, Jeff Davis, Jim Hogg, Jim Wells, Karnes, Kendall, Kenedy, Kerr, Kimble, Kinney, Kleberg, La Salle, Lavaca, Live Oak, Llano, Mason, Maverick, McMullen, Medina, Nueces, Pecos, Presidio, Real, Reeves, Refugio, San Patricio, Starr, Sutton, Terrell, Travis, Uvalde, Val Verde, Victoria, Webb, Willacy, Williamson, Wilson, Zapata and Zavala Please read your subpoena carefully. Exceptions and disqualifications for the Small Jury Service are indicated on the summons. If a disqualification applies to you, you cannot serve. You must circle the disqualification and return the card to the District Clerk. If an exception applies to you, you do not have to claim it and you can serve. If you are requesting an exemption or disqualification, please do so immediately upon receipt of your summons. Please circle the appropriate number, then sign and date the subpoena card and return it (the entire card) to the District Clerk. Learn more about some of the most common workers` rights in Texas. If you receive a subpoena for grand jury service and believe you cannot serve, please contact the 36th District Court Judge`s Office at 361-364-9310 for more information.

The judge is the only person who can excuse you from the grand jury service before the date of the subpoena. In addition, you can contact the court about your subpoena before a grand jury at Important information about the 36th, 156th, and 343rd District Courts serving Aransas County can be found on their website under minimum standard health protocols have been published for the district, district, district, and district courts serving Aransas, Bee, Live Oak, McMullen, and San Patricio counties; Click here for more details. Fax: (615) 366-3349Free: (866) 721-7828 hours: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Monday through Friday, TRLA serves the people of Texas to ensure that a fair chance at justice for those who need it most is never unattainable. Address:121 pp. Main St., Suite 100Victoria, TX 77901 Attorney General child support phone number: 361-576-6088 State Disbursement Unit 800-252-8014 Address: 466 Jefferson Street, Suite AEagle Pass, Texas 78852 Address: 509 N.